Mini tanks for adventure parks, paintball games and people who just want to have some fun!

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Our minitanks are not just for paintball! They are an exciting addition for any park or land owner to sell tank rides to the public.

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Scorpion Mk3 Mini Tank

Scorpion Mini Tank

  • A fun single seater tank.
  • For ages 10 and above (recommended).
  • Manually rotating turret
  • Not just for paintball... perfect for unique themed exciting rides.
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Armadillo Mk3


  • A fun single seater off road vehicle.
  • Same specification as the Scorpion.
  • Rear storage shelf.
  • Perfect for unique and exciting rides.
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Mini Willy's Jeep & Mini Land Rover

Mini Willy's Jeep & Mini Land Rover

  • A fun dual seater jeep.
  • For ages 8 and above (recommended).
  • Fully automatic with speed delimiter.
  • Great fun to drive with mum or dad.
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We are looking for dealers around the world to sell our mini tanks. Please contact us if you are interested in this amazing opportunity to sell our unique products in your area.

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